Interim Management

Is your company undergoing a transformation?
Are you looking for a Transition Manager?

Because we have been assisting the senior management of the pharmaceutical industry’s stakeholders for over 10 years and know your level of requirement, we find the resources and expertise you are seeking, immediately available and matching your requirements.

Our vocation

Mobilize as quickly as possible the Transition Managers who have full knowledge of your challenges and who will contribute to the success of your strategic high-stakes projects, manage your emergencies, and accompany the change:

  • Immediately available, you will receive highly experienced profiles within 48 hrs.,
  • Eminently operational, they have all succeeded in projects similar to yours in their prior careers
  • We ask for client references from senior management for all the transition managers we present to you, in order to ensure that they match your requirements perfectly
Thanks to the diverse skills of our community of Transition Managers, our perfect knowledge of the sector and its stakeholders, and our ongoing observations independent of your requests, Pharma Talents offers a fast, flexible, and effective response for companies dealing with transformation, growth, crises or restructuring.

We are specifically organized to anticipate your needs. Our daily tasks are performed continually and independent of your requests in order to identify and select the best candidates who are truly operational.

Our community of Transition Managers is thus enriched every day. This organization allows us to offer you qualified managers who are immediately available.

The Pharma Talents consultants have built a relationship of trust with a rigorous selection of Interim Management specialists. Our pool of managers has been created over the years on the basis of their experiences in the field and in strategic management positions.

Your situation

At Pharma Talents, the Transition Manager is accompanied by a deputy director in order to make the assignment proceed smoothly and to update with you on a regular basis, in order to assure quality in the execution of their assignments.

An effective 3-step process:

Listen to and characterize your requirements
  • Context and strategic challenges for the assignment
  • Scope of the assignment
  • Business culture and values
  • Deliverables
  • Schedule
  • Assignment location and duration, and start date
  • Other specific search criteria
Identification & selection of Transition Managers
  • Discerning pre-selection via our databases that are enriched by our daily searches outside of requests
  • Interviews with the shortlisted candidates, signature of NDA, references requested
  • After validating all your criteria, presentation of candidates & conditions for final selection
Missions & follow-up
  • Implementation of practical methods (transport, accommodation, etc.)
  • Service contracts signed with the client and the transition manager.
  • Preparation of integration process & follow-up on the progress of the assignment via periodic updates with the manager and the client
  • At the end of the assignment, we ensure the information and files are correctly forwarded to the successor

Do you need a transition Manager
or an expert consultant?

We will send you the first available and immediately operational profiles
as quickly as possible (48 hrs. on average)

Are you a Transition Manager
or an expert consultant?

Are you a CEO? Site Manager? Quality Director?
Human Resources Manager? Sterility Expert or Qualification/Validation Consultant?, etc.