A unique position in the heart of the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is innovating, and is ceaselessly and thoroughly reinventing its economic model and operating methods.

This is why, over 10 years ago, the founders of In Altum Consulting decided to enthusiastically assist the sector’s senior management – Big Pharmas, independent laboratories, Mid-Caps, CDMOs, CROs, Biotechs, MedTechs – in their high-stakes transformation projects.

In the face of the constant changes to your regulatory environment, and the emergence of innovative medications from Biotechnologies, Pharma Talents was created to assist you with your growth projects by providing you with the expertise needed at every stage of your development.

We have developed a vision and the belief that the methods used both for recruitment and for Interim Management must adapt to the sector’s restrictions and constant changes. Like you, we have not stopped innovating, in order to successfully help you with your high-stakes transformation projects in a constantly changing world.

Thanks to you, the changes in your requests, and our common successes, we have decided to create a dedicated subsidiary, specialized in recruitment and interim management, in order to meet the specific requirements of the sector, your urgent needs for expertise, and to assist you in making a success of your projects.

This is the vocation of PharmaTalents By In Altum Consulting. Our unique positioning in the heart of the pharmaceutical industry and senior management, our innovative practices and a quirky touch make us stand out.

Our DNA and values remain the same: focused on people, compassion, attention to excellence and faultless commitment in order to meet your expectations within given timescales, in a spirit of trust, transparency and friendliness.

A huge thank you to you, our dear clients, for the trust placed in us over the many years that have led us to the birth of Pharma Talents!

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