Our values

Our unique positioning and a quirky touch, in the heart of Senior Management for Pharmaceutical industry stakeholders,
 allows us to have a clearly different approach, notably based on an amazing network of enthusiastic men and women
 with whom we have the pleasure of working, and also on a daily search for talents outside of your requests.

What values drive us?

Humanity, benevolence, attention to excellence and faultless commitment,
in order to meet your expectations within given timescales, in a spirit of trust, transparency and friendliness.


Our high standards with regard to our clients, candidates, and partners, leads us to excellence on a daily basis, to full engagement by our consultants within the framework of each of the assignments that you have entrusted to us, in terms of efficacy, the methods implemented, involvement and innovation in fulfilling your projects.

Enthusiasm and passion

At Pharma Talents, it is both enthusiasm and the success of your projects that drive us. Like you, we are passionate and are dead set on offering you talents in your image, as we have an astute knowledge of your organizations and your operating methods.


The pharmaceutical industry is innovating, and is thoroughly reinventing its economic model and operating methods. Like you, we are continuously reinventing ourselves through our practices and our headhunting methods, in order to better anticipate market trends, and learning and understanding your challenges, in order to meet your requirements more astutely and build a high-quality and lasting relationship.

Reactivity and proactivity

Because your projects have high stakes, because urgency is your daily life, and because we cannot fail you, we owe it to ourselves to be reactive and have faultless commitment, in order to better meet your expectations through our agility and proactivity.

Each of our employees share these values. They drive us to exceed ourselves every day and, at your side,
to make a success of the high-stakes assignments with which you entrust us.

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